Soap Workshop

This is an innovative project set up by HelpingHandUK where people with learning disabilities and mental health issues take part in the manufacture and marketing of a large range of soap and spa products.

The Workshop provides numerous interesting and creative work opportunities, including weighing, mixing, selection and use of colour, fragrances, moulding and shaping the soap, cutting, decorating, wrapping, labelling and packaging ready for selling and distribution.

The Soap Workshop is open four days a week with separate sessions for HelpingHandUK residents and Supported Housing clients.  It is also available as part of HelpingHandUK’s Day Programme.

“This is the first time our daughter has felt she is doing a real job and enjoying every minute of her work.”

“Jonathon has never felt so accomplished. Until now he has failed in everything he tried to do.  This is the first time he is tasting success.”

“Mary enjoys her work enormously, especially when she brings home samples of her own hand made soap.”

“David loves the work and also enjoys the tea breaks and the happy atmosphere.”

“Our son has made new friends and is eager to get up and go to work, just like his brothers.  Until now he was always upset seeing them go off in the mornings, leaving him at home.”