Day Programme

Clubs & Holidays

Many local learning disabled young people find it difficult to join clubs and socialise. They often have to put up with teasing and ridicule. This makes them prefer to stay at home but then they miss out on the chance to make friends and socialise in the normal way.

HelpingHandUK has counteracted this by organising clubs, for learning disabled people. Each takes place several times a week and transport and refreshments are provided. This may be the only place where club members can really relax in an accepting environment, unafraid of being ridiculed or bullied.

The clubs offer many different activities, including music, dancing, drama & art therapy, games, videos, sports and outings. Members come and relax, make themselves tea or coffee and have a sandwich or biscuits and sit down to talk to each other. Staff are trained and experienced and aim to encourage all club members to try out new activities. When they find they can be successful it encourages them to persevere and try other new activities.

The clubs are a valuable opportunity to explore new skills in an accepting and encouraging environment with the help of friendly welcoming staff.