About Us

In 1975, a group of parents in Hackney, North London, decided that they wanted to give their learning disabled children a better quality of life than was then available. In those days it was very courageous to stand up and be counted, but they were determined to ensure that their children would not be left sitting at the back of the class, without adequate provision.

They first opened a play group, which rapidly expanded into a full evening and weekend programme. They undertook a survey of local schools to assess the need and were surprised to find that 10% of children in mainstream schools had special educational needs. This encouraged them to develop their services further and they set up a Registered Charity called HelpingHandUK, in 1978.

“HelpingHandUK does its very best to give people lots of reasons to smile. Whatever the disability, capability or situation, HelpingHandUK is there to help out.”

In the intervening years, the Charity developed a range of new services and now caters for an ever increasing number of learning disabled children and adults. A dedicated and experienced staff manages two Residential homes which are registered with the National Care Quality Commission (CQC), furthermore, five Supported Housing & Living Projects are managed for people with learning difficulties who wish to live more independently. We also support several people with mild learning disabilities in their own homes and help them to live independently in the community. HelpingHandUK also provides a wide range of respite and support services including welfare advice, social activities, vocational support, independent living skills, holiday schemes and Family Support and Advocacy.